Kim Philo

I am a very rare FEMALE with Hemophilia (2% Factor VIII). I want to show people, with PROPER training AND the help of your physician and other professionals: TAKING CARE OF YOUR BODY, WILL HELP IT TAKE CARE OF YOU! Maintaining an appropriate body weight, having good muscle strength, and stability plays a huge role in the amount of bleeding episodes!

I was diagnosed at age 11. At that time, before my diagnosis, I was very active and participated in contact sports, such as volleyball. When I hit my knee on the playground at school, a ripple effect happened that changed my life. My knee swelled up to the size of a softball and was extremely painful! I lived in small town Iowa, and the doctors were not sure what was happening to me. The first thing they tried was aspirating my knee. OUCH!!! If you don’t know what that is… basically, sticking a giant needle into the knee joint and extracting fluid. This did not help in the least. They took X-rays, which showed nothing. Next step, arthroscopic, exploratory surgery… to take a closer look at the inside of my knee to hopefully find out what was happening. Well… the day before surgery, during the pre-op blood work, the found a hiccup in my bleeding times. Surgery was cancelled and more blood tests were ordered. At this point they knew I had a bleeding disorder, I was given Fresh Frozen Plasma to stop the bleeding into my knee. I was then sent to Mayo Clinic in Minnesota for more blood tests. It was there I was diagnosed with Moderate Hemophilia A. At that time, I had 4% FVIII in my blood. I was switched to Cryoprecipitate for bleeds, until recombinant products came out. Because my knee joint was delayed in getting the appropriate treatment for such a long time, I now have damaged cartilage. My doctors told me, it is not healthy for me to participate in the sports that I loved. It was suggested to me to try something less stressful, like golf. I have been playing ever since and loving every minute of golf.