Christopher Oxendine Safety Equipment Scholarship

Wingmen Foundation has started a new Christopher Oxendine Safety Equipment Scholarship within the bleeding disorder community and the Pembroke, NC, area. This grant is in memory of Christopher Dwayne Oxendine to bring awareness of the bleeding disorder community and the importance of safety equipment. His family and Wingmen Foundation are dedicated to the development of The Christopher Oxendine Safety Equipment Scholarship, which will provide safety equipment to those that qualify and have a bleeding disorder or live in the area of Christopher Oxendine’s home town, Pembroke, North Carolina.

Christopher lived life to the fullest despite dealing with severe Hemophilia A and the related complications requiring frequent hospital and clinic stays. He also had a great appreciation for The Purcell Clinic and UNC where he received his care. His family was indispensable support for him and he always wore a smile that stood out like a “lightbulb”, as the family would always say. He enjoyed hunting, dancing, family gatherings, and all kinds of sports. He especially loved the UNC Tarheels who made frequent visits during his hospital stays. His outlook on life was positive and his famous quote was, “Hemophilia did not control him, he controlled his Hemophilia.”. Christopher lived life to the fullest and loved his family very much. His wish would be to stay safe while doing recreational activities.

Having a bleeding disorder made Christopher particularly aware of the importance of safety equipment when participating in any recreational activity.  Christopher passed away on June 1, 2018, at the age of 16 due to an accident while engaging in a recreational activity, but his memory will live on through the Pembroke community and Wingmen Foundation.

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