Here are some comments from participants of our supported programs. For more information on our program assistance, please click on our Services link.

I was born with Hemophilia A in India and was brought up there for 25 years with no access to Factor8. I’ve had multiple bleeding episodes since my childhood and the only treatment was R.I.C.E (Rest.Ice.Compression.Elevation). After I moved to the United States for work, I’ve started learning more about Factor infusion and its benefits. I’ve started prophylaxis in mid of 2014 and have been self-infusing since then. Since last year, I’ve been suffering with multiple joints problems and have been not able to lead an active lifestyle. I always wanted to lead a happy and healthy life. During the recent comprehensive clinic appointment at my HTC, I was given information about excercises in warm water which are less impact on joints. After developing flexibility in my joints I wanted to learn swimming and practice it as my excercise plan. I was informed by HTC social worker about Wingmen Foundation providing help for bleeding disorders community for fitness related challenges.

Chad and Wingmen Foundation team has been very kind to me and accepted to pay for membership at my local fitness center where warm water pool therapy is provided. I’ve started going to the pool from July 2015. I’ve already started feeling very active and not bothered with the joint pains very frequently. I was complaining at least couple of times a week about my joints pain before starting this therapy. I’m trying to make best use of this opportunity to heal physically and mentally as well. THANK YOU Wingmen Foundation! I’ve even been given assistance with the swim classes. I’m in process of learning it and am very excited.

Attending the Inspiring Shots Golf Clinic was great. I quickly got to engage in a sport that is safe for me, keeps me physically active, and is challenging at the same time. The setting was perfect to share experiences, learn, and meet new friends with common interests

“My little boy has severe hemophilia A. He is very energetic and loves to run, jump and climb and with severe hemophilia that can cause some challenges with bleeding. He suffers with Target bleeds in both ankles from an early age of 3. I decided swimming would be the best option for him to burn some toddler energy but we don’t own a pool nor live near a public pool.  Due to our financial situation it has been difficult to afford swim lessons or even getting him into a pool.

My husband was injured at work and was eventually laid off in 2017, he had been the provider for our family. Having no residual income made extra impossible. My local hemophilia chapter informed me about the Wingmen Foundation. Thanks to the support of the Wingman Foundation, he at 5 years old loves to swim and does so very well! He is able up safely exercise, build strength in his ankles and play all summer without the fear of further joint injury. He is also old enough to join the swim team and we’re thankful for the support received”

“I would like to thank the Wingmen Foundation for the support they have given my son that is a factor 9 deficient and myself whom is a type 2a vwd and factor 8 deficient. They have blessed our family with gym membership to help my son who is two now learn how to swim at 6 months old. Now he stays in the pool at the gym or on the basketball court. The gym membership has been a big help for my bleed management and joint health. We use it to hopefully keep our son healthy and active so his joints stay healthy and have potential less bleeding or hopefully less damage than his momma’s. We would just like to say Thank you to the wingman Foundation for y’alls help in our gym membership.”

“Raising a son with Severe Hemophilia B is not easy and doing it as a single parent doesn’t make it any easier. The Wingmen Foundation’s support provided assistance that I could not afford. My son was able to participate in a sport that he loved and build confidence in his athletic ability while training to possibly compete on the collegiate level”